It is your responsability to backup your wallet.dat files and configuration files (optional).

Sometimes during power down issues, the computer doesnt close propery and that could lead to a wallet corruption.

You can choose any backup software and always remember as rule number 1: Always place the backup in a different physical drive  than the one where the wallet is installed. 

Rule number 2: Set a daily schedule to backup your wallet or any other important files.

I have choose Cobian backup to  show an example. I found it very easy to use , effective and free of charge. You can choose whatever backup software you feel comfortable. Even the one provided by Windows with File History.

1) Download and install Cobian Backup from:

2) Create backup job as show in next screenshot by right click on left panel and select "New Task"

3) The most important sections and "Files and "Schedule". In the "Files" section click button "Add" in Source and select "wallet.dat", "lapo.conf" , "masternode.conf" and "Lapo\Backups" folder.

4) Finally select the Destination folder. Choose a different one from where the wallet is installed or select a pendrive or sdcard. Click "Ok"

5) Test and run the job by clicking the "Blue Play" icon in toolbar.

6) Create a Schedule to run Daily

7) Set Cobian Backup to run as Service when computer starts by configuring it in the "Tools" -- > Options menu.

You could find an application as simple as Cobian in Mac. Its your choice.