Lapo Cryptocurrency is able to provide privacy features through the zerocoin protocol which has been implemented by some other great projects which inpired us to adquire the technology.

Zerocoin protocol allows a blockchain-level transaction anonymity in the way of unlinkability. This privacy is named zLAX within the Lapo Project. zLAX is not a new coin, although it could be considered as such. But rather is a protocol-level pooling of existing LAX.

You would normally use LAX as your main cryptocoin for transfer funds as with any other public blockchain. But you have the possibility to get private coins (as casino chips) and spend them when you business requires some sort of privacy for the transactions.

What zLAX provides is a protocol-level coin mixing service using zero knowledge proofs to sever the link between the sender and the receiver with 100% anonymity and untraceability. This means that each coin that gets sent using zLAX is now 100% fungible as it has no determinable history attached to them.

How to use zLAX coins:

  1. Mint ("Convert to private") your LAX into zLAX denominations in the "Privacy" tab. (Wallet auto-mints 10% of your coins by default. You can disable automint in the "Settings --> Options" menues).
  2. Send ("Spend Private coins") your zLAX as LAX to any internal or external LAPO wallet address.

All converted coins to zLAX either manually or by automint, can always be reconverted back to LAX standard !

In the "Privacy" tab, simply send your zLAX to any of your own LAX wallet addresses. The "Pay to" field will be your own address and the "Amount" field will be the amount of zLAX you want to send. When you are ready, click the "Spend Private Coins" button.